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Game history

Year Event
1947 Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann. file patent #2,455,992 describing one of the first computer games played on a CRT January 25, 1947.
1952 Alexander Sandy Douglas created the first graphical computer game of Tic-Tac-Toe on a EDSAC known s "OXO."
1958 William Higinbotham created the first video game called: Tennis for Two.
1962 Steve Russell creates "SpaceWar!" and releases it in February 1962. This game is considered the first game intended for computers.
1967 Ralph Baer created "Chase", the first video game that was capable of being played on a television.
1969 Ralph Baer files for a US Patent on August 21, 1969 that describes playing games on a television and would later be a part of the Magnavox Odyssey.
1971 Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney create the first arcade game called "Computer Space."
1972 The first video game console called the Magnavox Odyssey is demonstrated May 24, 1972 and later released by Magnavox and sold for $100.00 USD.
1972 Atari releases Pong, the first commercial video game on November 29, 1972.
1978 Roy Trubshaw and Richard Bartle create the first MUD.
1980 Atari becomes the first company to register a Copyright for two computer games: "Asteroids" and "Lunar Landar" on June 17, 1980.
1981 Jeff Dailey, a 19-year old becomes the first person to die from computer gaming after dying from a heart attack after posting a score of 16,660 on Berzerk.
1984 The MUD was known as MAD becomes the first global MUD and runs across BITNET.
1984 The game Tetris is first released in the USSR June 6, 1984.
1986 The Legend of Zelda for the NES is released February 21, 1986.
1993 Broderbund releases the computer game Myst is released September 24, 1993 and later is honored for being one of the most popular, well known, and sold IBM compatible and Apple Macintosh title.
1993 The PC game DOOM by Id Software was released December 10, 1993. Today, DOOM is thought of as a turning point for first person shooters and for computer games in general.
1996 The game Duke Nukem 3D is released January 29, 1996.
1996 The first Tomb Raider game is released November 14, 1996.
1997 The popular massively multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) Ultima Online (UO) is released September 24, 1997.
1998 Valve Half-Life a popular FPS game is released November 19, 1998.
1999 The popular massively multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) EverQuest (EQ) is released March 16, 1999.
2000 EA releases The Sims, the best-selling PC game in history February 04, 2000.
2001 Microsoft releases the original Xbox game console November 15, 2001.
2004 Blizzard's World of Warcraft game, the most popular and successful MMORPG is released November 23, 2004.
2003 The game Second Life is released June 23, 2003.
2003 Valve introduces Steam September 12, 2003.
2005 Microsoft releases the Xbox 360, the second generation of their popular game console November 16, 2005.
2009 The Minecraft game is released.

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